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Iacurto, Francesco

Francesco Iacurto was born in Montreal 1st september 1908. From 1922 until 1929, began studies, first, at Monument national, then to l'École des Beaux-Arts of Montreal, and finally la Grande-Chaumière of Paris, France. As a bursary during his studies was awardes many prizes. Notably, honorable mention of the Lord Willingdon competition at Ottawa, 1927. Two bursaries from the Province pf Quebec in 1928 and 1929, silver medal from the Consul général of France in 1928. Also many other medals for different studies. In 1929 received his diploma of professor of art with grande distinction.

During nine years was teacher of drawing for le Arts et Métiers, affiliated to l'École des Beaux-Arts of Montréal. taught for three years in scools of ''la commission scolaire'' also in Montreal, and many years for Quebec city and Ste-Foy.

In Rome he was the only artist of Quebec permitted to put on canvas the beauties of the Vatican gardens. The Canadian ambassador in Athens Greece Mr.Antonio Barrette commissioned Mr Iacurto to: paint the beauties of Athens. Mr Lowell Thomas famous american commentator posed posed for this portrait. Mr Iacurto is represented in the Quebec Museum, the National Gallery of Ottawa, the Senate of Ottawa, Québec Parliament, The Citadelle of Quebec, many companies namely Price Bros., Anglo Can, Pulp, now Reed Co, Shell oil, Molson, Bank of Montreal, Bank of Commerce.

Canvases of Quebec are in collections belonging to his Excellency, ex-lieutenant governor Mr. J.P. Côté, also with Mr. J.B Paquet rector of Laval University, Québec. Besides landscapes, Francesco Iacurto has painted many portrait namely Lord Rothermere and Lord Cromer Georges Parent at the Senate Valmore Bienvenue, Mgr. Louis Albert Vachon, General J.A. Dextraze, Mr. Jean Lesage, Mr. Antonio Barette, Mr. Maurice Duplessis.

Iacurto was elected associate of the Royal Canadian Academy in 1946, then academician in 1973. Has exhibited in many academy shows in Quebec and Ontario.