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Visit Michel-Ange Gallery in the art’s district, at the following address:

430 Bonsecours street
Old Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 3C4


Phone numbers:

* Main number : (514) 875-8281
* Toll free number : 1-(877)-775-8281
* Fax number : (514) 875-8329

E-mail :

* Write us at :

Web site :


Opening hours: Saturday and sunday: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
We take phone messages and emails for appointments on request

Free parking!

8 Comments to “Contact us”
  1. May Cheng dit :

    Love your collection of arts, love Micheline, she’s absolutely delightful and what a charm to work with.



  2. Todd Morgan dit :

    I purchased a William Showell painting from an antique store in Vancouver . The owner told me it came from an estate sale . I’m curious about it . I can’t find an image of it online . It’s an image of three young girls in a park (one girl poised to run and the other two standing still) Can anyone identify this piece ?

  3. Monique McIntyre dit :

    I have a sketch of myself done by Tex Lecor (Paul Lecorre) around 1958-59 (approx.) it is signed Paul Lecorre, 19.5″ X 14″ and I would like to have it authenticated, can you help me on how to go about doing that???

    Thank you

  4. Jo anne Kelly RUdy dit :

    My late husband commissioned Doug Manning to do a
    painting when Martin Luther King was killed…
    I am trying to find a full bio on Mr. Manning.
    Can you help me …
    my phone number is 514-489-9074
    Have a good week.

  5. Don dit :

    please provide price for John Little painting for sale and information on same


    :), I have a Pauline Bressan 1980 Painting , Vielle Centrale Lennoxville on back of painting #GC6064
    I am looking to sell the painting and $ value and not sure how to go about it. Any help in which direction I should go, would be much appreciated 🙂
    Thank You so much
    Charles 514-266-8338

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