Art Evaluations

Verbal opinion : The cost of a verbal opinion is $ 20.00 (Can) for each piece. *

Written evaluation : The starting cost of a written evaluation is $ 50.00 (Can) a piece. You can ask for an evaluation at the market value or listed price

Written attestation : The starting cost is at $ 50.00 (Can) a piece. **

Court expertise : The cost is $ 100.00 (Can) per hour.

Expert consultation : The cost is $ 100.00 (Can) per hour.

* For a verbal opinion, the cost is refundable when a transaction is made (purchase, consignment or sale).

** Fees can be added for appraisals that require more research. For many pieces, a price can be given on request.

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  1. K Noakes dit :

    Good Morning
    I have painting by Douglas Manning and was wondering the value of it

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