Bégin, Louise

Painter of the heart, Louise Bégin discovers the pleasure of spontaneousness, the transparency, unexpected and the capricious plays of the pigments mixture and water slipping on paper. Louise Bégin is allured by this approach and discovers so medium: watercolour. Autodidact, polishing her art with the passing of years, other techniques call her artistic expression and attract it. This search will never stop. The acrylic resin, the techniques mists, joining, lavish a good made to him ceaseless and raise the veil to unsuspected new visions. Seized with the passage by an idea, Louise Bégin lets go up in it, the intuition, the inspiration, the key of the heart.

When the creative dash goes up, Louise Bégin is carried out with febrility so much so that she forgets time of them. Silence is a well without end revealing the images which she seeks to express on her paper in a coloured language, creative and imaginative. Each table encourages her with the going beyond. To expose her emotions, Louise Bégin is to release the masks which imprison her and to make conceal the doubts and the fears which sometimes scramble the judgement right of the heart. Challenge of size will say Louise Bégin but which loses her force as she is raised. Her amazement, her passion, the blooming of her art take their source in the expression of the richness of the cultures, of the voyages, the visit of the museums, the galleries and the contact in love with nature. One will recognize the artist by her innovating techniques which will not fail to captivate at the same time the informed eye and the layman.