Sanchagrin, Réjane

Réjane Sanchagrin was born on Feburary 24, 1933 in St-Tite, Mauricie. Self-Taught, she started painting in 1968. An aura of sensibility and discretion is rising from her work inspired by a work inspired by a world of subtlety. She paints portraits with a vaporous touch of glance, or even by the style of a garment, she reveals the mood of the painting. Her floral still life shows the same technique and palette that you will find in the portrait. Réjane Sanschagrin is still very touched in front of physically and morally disable people and also in front of the helplessness of young people. By having seen so many emotions in the eyes of the patients threw the years in hospital areas, many of these emotions are still present. She abandons the emotions that she captivates from the others on her canvas. If each of her work translates a precise emotion, the overall work is essentially inspired by the human spirit. Since the last five years, Réjane Sanschagrin has done only paintings. Near the sixties, she brings richness to the time that passes by. By defining the existence of all artist as being a succession of passion and anguishes, she affirms the necessity of letting things live after us.